Dev interview 7.2.5!


  • Nighthold was tuned three times. Tomb was only tuned once because the team waited until towards the end of development.
  • The pacing of Legion raids has worked out well. Legion was supposed to release content at a steady pace and the team has delivered on that.
  • Trial of Valor did a great job of tying up the story.
  • Helya was a good encounter, the team took a dungeon boss and turned it into a raid boss.
  • In a Normal raid if an individual makes a mistake, that player could die. In a Mythic raid if an individual makes a mistake, especially towards the end, the team is more willing to wipe the entire raid.
  • The person who created the NPC abilities for Timeless Isle was an encounter designer. The team tries to add more avoidable mechanics when they expect a high degree of difficulty. On Timeless Isle, the creatures were supposed to be difficult and require you to learn the mechanic to defeat them.
  • The team tries to keep the Keystone Affixes in mind when designing dungeon trash.
  • Tyrannical is cool, but sometimes there are debuffs that stack too high and make things too challenging. Targeted nerfs have been done to address this.
  • Court of Stars added class specific mechanics in a way that wasn’t very organic. Making a Rogue have an advantage due to Stealth letting you skip something, or a Hunter ability giving you an advantage would be a more organic way to do this.
  • The team has a raid design kickoff meeting, comes up with a list of bosses, then sits down with the encounter designers to talk about high level design. From there an encounter designer will take it to completion.

You can find the interview here.



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